Check domain & social username availability across multiple networks. Need Help?


What is is one of the tools to search domain and social username availability. In the world of brand management and picking names for new projects, makes it easy to see if the name you have in mind is available across a multitude of networks.

What are the rules for searching?

Alpha numeric searching with dashes and underscores.

What do the little icons mean?

The green check means - as far as we can tell - this service has the requested name available. The red circle means the opposite. The gray exclamation point means the name violates the guidelines for a valid username for that service (IE. name is to short, to long, or contains characters the service does not allow.)

Please note: Invalid and unavailable lookups are cached to help speed up the process in the future. Generally speaking, unavailable items typically don't become available (exception being domain names) all to often. As such, we do not ask the server again until our local cache for the lookup has expired. We are currently playing with the timeframes, and will post those time frames here when we have finalized them.

I got a throttled message?

In order to prevent abuse of our system, we do impose a modest throttling system. If you hit it, and you feel it was too sensitive, let us know.

Add/Remove my service!

If we are currently scraping your service for information, and you'd like us to stop email us at Likewise, if you want us to include your service in our look-ups let us know!

I need help or found a bug..

Send questions, comments or bug reports to: